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HomeAirsept Oxygatorsen Concentrators
HomeAirsept Oxygatorsen Concentrators

Manufactured in compliance with the highest world standards such as:
~ HTM2022 and

Our Oxygen concentrators come in two categories, namely Stationary and Portable. Airsep- Charts Industries manufactures several different types of both the stationary and portable oxygen concentrators, and from our experience we have chosen the ones that we know to be suitable for this region as follows:

Airsep’s Stationary Oxygen Concentrators.
These can mainly be used at home, medical centers and hospitals. They can only be used in places where there is main power because they do not have batteries for back up.

They include:
~ Airsep’s Visionnaire 5lpm, weight 13.6kg
~ Airseps Intensity 10l Single flow meter 10lpm, weight 26.3kg
~ Airseps Intensity dual flow flowmeters 10lpm, weight 26.3kg
~ SUREFLOW- This is a device that can be connected to the stationary oxygen concentrator to split the flow coming from the concentrator to a maximum of 5 patients. This works best for pediatric ward where the required flow rate is not more than 2lpm.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators
These are very versatile and high quality oxygen concentrators that can be used in the car, at home or office and away as you Go. You can also use it in the Aircraft as they have been registered (FAA) for use in several International Airlines.
They include:
~ Airseps Focus oxygen concentrators 2lpm weight 850 gms
~ Airseps Freestyle 3 Oxygen concentrator 3lpm weight 2.3kg
~ Airseps Freestyle 5 oxygen concentrator 5lpm. Weight 3kg

A portable oxygen concentrator also offers an advantage over traditional oxygen cylinders since there is no need to transport multiple bulky cylinders and no fear of ever running out of oxygen.
For more information, click on the appropriate concentrator on the menu on the sidebar of this page.

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